PSSE Software Automation Using Python – Exploit the Beast

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Course Description


In this course participants will learn the basics of the Python language and how to automate PSS®E using the Python APIs.

Participants who have little or no experience with Python will have the tools they need to start writing Python programs and driving PSS®E from Python. Participants with stronger programming and PSS®E skills will be able to make their processes more powerful and efficient. Upon completing this course, the participant will have the tools needed to write advanced programs in Python to drive PSS®E and process the output.

Course Contents:

This course is intended to enhance the attendees’ skills and make them efficient in automating PSSE software using Python.

Introduction to Python Introduction to Python
Developing Basic Python Programming Skills
Overview of PSSE Software
Interfacing PSSE with Python for standalone applications
Using Python to create text and excel files
Basic PSSE Data Manipulation using Python Data Retrieval from PSSE
Writing/Reading retrieved PSSE data to/from excel
Retrieving/Manipulating Dynamic Model Data
Setting up dynamic case automatically
Transient/Dynamic Stability Analysis Using Python Evaluating Angular Stability
Calculating Critical Clearing Times
Plotting results using out file
Retrieving data from out file for detailed analysis
Project to Study Large Scale Transient Stability
Automatic Load Shedding using PSSE & Python Under voltage Load Shedding Relay
Under frequency Load Shedding Relay
Under/Over Frequency/Voltage Generator Tripping Relays
Special Protection Scheme (Monitoring a Specific Channel & Taking decision based on its value)
Simple GUI Application for PSSE Using Python

Trainer Profile:

Seasoned Power System Engineer with 13+ years of progressive experience in power system studies, planning, real-time operations & control for various electrical utilities. Enriched experience in successfully managing and conducting electrical system studies of high value mega projects for EPC, consultancy and utility using advanced engineering tools and softwares like PSCAD, PSS/E, ETAP, DIgSILENT, PSS SINCAL, Power World Simulator, PVSyst, Python etc.


The certificate of training completion will be issues to the trainees.


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