Energy Audit Tools & Techniques for Commercial & Industrial Buildings

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Course Description


An energy auditor evaluates and analyzes how energy is being used in a commercial or industrial facility, identifies energy conservation opportunities, and makes recommendations on where consumption can be reduced or optimized.

The Four-day Certified Energy Auditor program provides participants with the fundamental knowledge needed to evaluate how energy is being used in a facility and identify where consumption can be reduced. Additionally, it covers useful calculation methodologies through practical examples and peer exercises.

This is the right course for you if you are or will be involved in energy audits and want to expand your knowledge of the complete energy auditing and reporting process. Also, if you have interest in Energy.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the energy audits
  • Tools and techniques used for the analysis of Energy Audits
  • Identification of Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to Energy Audits
  • Why Energy Audits are important
  • What is Energy Efficiency and Energy Management
  • ISO 50001 Standards
  • Preparing Audit Team
  • Developing Scope
  • Walk-Through Audits
  • Key points of walk through audits
  • Development of plan for detailed Energy Audit
  • Meetings with management and technical teams of the facility
  • Analysis of Bills
  • Analyzing the facility (Building or Industry)
  • Analysis of Production or Energy Utilization
  • Using Regression analysis to analyze the base case
  • Overall analysis of Bills, production, and base case
  • Detailed Energy Audits Tools
  • Measurement tools introduction, operation and handling
  • Energy Audits for Lightings
  • Energy Audits for Compressors
  • Energy Audits for Air Handling Units
  • Energy Audits for Pumps
  • Energy Audit for Motors
  • Energy Audits for Building Envelope
  • Energy Audit for Boilers
  • Energy Audit for furnace
  • Energy Audit for Ventilation Systems
  • Final Report Preparation and saving opportunities
  • Handling of energy audit tools

Trainer Profile:

Trainer has vast experience of both Industry, Education and Research in the field of Energy Sector. He has been involved to analyze the complex energy systems in practical field as well as a researcher. The trainer is NEECA & EDGE Green Building certified and hold the Doctorate Degree in Energy Management.

Target Group:

Electrical Engineers & Designers, Electrical Auditors, Executives, Professionals from Governments, Private and Public Sector Undertakings of Power Utilities, Contractors, Consultancy Firms, Professors, Lecturers, Students of various Colleges & Universities will find the program useful.

Programme Date, Timings:

O4 days course (3rd, 4th, 10th & 11th December, 2022 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm)

Online Training Course Fee:

Training course Fee: 15,000 PKR
Online Fees deposit details of the Bank will be emailed on registration.

Certificate of Participation:

The certificate of attendance will be issued to the participants on completion of course.